Thursday, January 21, 2010

Updates and such

It's been a while since I blogged, mostly because I'm busy and I know no one reads this anyways.
Firstly, I got engaged here, at the Oakland Temple (we're also getting married here, convenient, huh?)

We spent all of Christmas break together, traveled to Morgan Hill to meet my family, to Klamath Falls to see his, to Portland to see his sister, to Boise where we got stranded on New Year's Eve, and back to Provo. The good news though, is that after 52 hours and 2,850 miles in a car together, we're still engaged. Must be love.

Wedding plans are going great. Most everything is planned already and laid out in my lovely google doc. I went dress shopping with my roommate, Stefi two weeks ago. And, after just 2 short hours of shopping, I bought a dress. It's lovely, covered in lace, and best of all, within my budget. You'll have to use your imagination though, because I'm not going to post a picture of it.

Josh got into BYU Law School. I'm so excited for him. I know law school will be a great experience, granted he survives it. I'm excited because we get to stay in Provo (never thought I would say that), and I can finally finish school. I graduate from nursing school in December. The end is in sight.

Sometimes, I still can't believe it's Josh. This guy who has been in my life for 2 years now, who helped me start a blog to begin with, and now I'm going to marry him.

Life is funny. Never would have Guessed.


  1. Congratulations and welcome to our great big goofy family!