Thursday, April 30, 2009

The End... Til September

Today I officially FINISHED my first semester of nursing school. Although to be fair I've been playing like I've been done with school for about a week now. As seen in the picture below.

(the celebratory shopping that was done yesterday)

This has been the hardest semester of my life, and I do not know how I made it through so many assessments, quizzes, and 5:45 am clinicals. So, here is a timeline of my first semester for your viewing pleasure.
(back when I was young, innocent, and just excited to be wearing scrubs)

(How Stefi often found me. Passed out on my bed. Clothes on. Books open. Fast asleep.)

(And now. So excited to be done that I had a hard time not clicking my heels and running to my car after my last final. I couldn't resist however jumping for joy just a little bit.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nicknames and Procrastination

Of all the nicknames I have (which are a lot), Skusen is probably the weirdest of them all. But, its also probably my favorite.

Flashback to last September,

I was moving into a new apartment and had just moved in my last box when two boys show up at my door offering to help. Thanks guys. Meet Bryce and Derek. I bring them inside and show them around my apartment. My roommates have big black letters on the wall, and they spell out the first letter of each of our names. Derek and Bryce look at the letters, S-K-U-S-E-N and think it is some weird Asian spelling of Susan. Oddly enough they really took a liking to it, and I've been known as Skusen ever since. (from left to right: Bryce, me, Derek)

Now that I have a blog I feel like I have to keep track of every random thing that happens to me. I finished my last nursing final today, and my ugly teal scrubs are officially packed away for the summer. My tests were not that bad, but I could not make myself study for the life of me. In fact, there were a huge amount of things I would rather do that study, these include but are not limited to:

  • Spending mindless hours on facebook

  • Cleaning boy's bathtubs (you're welcome Zach)

  • Making dozens of cookies that I did not eat

  • Attending a Jazz playoff game (see picture above)

  • Getting addicted to 24

  • Starting this blog, and

  • Rearranging my room with Stefi



Monday, April 27, 2009

Maiden Post - as told by Josh

Dear Readers,

This is my first post. I have Josh Guest at the keyboard and am powerless to stop him. So he will be ghostwriting and editing my thoughts as I spew them out as follows:

So I started out the day looking at pictures of diseased male genitalia, but not until after I took a final, a very final final indeed. The final was about interventions, you know, like on the office when you all surround someone and yell at them and make them feel really really bad about themselves.

It was a really easy final. I came home, you know, the genitalia, in the park.

I have been studying. Looked at some female genitalia as well. It's okay, I'm a pre-nurse.

Now I am starting a blog. I know that seems a bit foolhardy with the economy being the way it is. But now is my time. And if you have a problem with that, then, gosh, maybe it is a bit premature to be starting a blog at this point. Dang.

I got a job today, since there is a possibility they will be reading this or googling my name I won't mention them. I could lose my job. I have never met them, I have never been to the store, I don't know how much I will be getting paid (as Mary Poppins said, we must be very clear on that issue), but I have a job. So yay for me. Sorry if the hard times are flushing all you other chumps out there. But BOOM! Employment.

We are going to talk about my interests at great length now.

I don't like cats, but dogs, although I am allergic to both.

I enjoy color-coding my clothes. Neat, huh?

I like to think I have OCD, I'm just really uptight.

I'm not uptight.

Josh, take that back.

Give me back the keyboard, Josh.

Josh! Josh! You have got to stop. Stop. Quit re-arranging the pillows. You know how that bothers me.

I have pink toenails today. I wish I could say I painted them. That's just my excuse until I find out what I really have, I'm not to that chapter yet in my book. Still on the genitalia.

I have an ulcer, a belly-button, pain, etc.

I feel nervous.

Butternut Squash.

My favorite YouTube video is evolution of dance.

That's not true. I don't have a favorite.

I have dressed up for the past three Harry Potter movie premiers. I have not missed any of them.

Is that nerdy?

You can say yes, because it is. I still am crying about my prom night that could have been yet never was. FAIL.

I really did have a horrible prom though. How did you know?

I feel bad. Prom really was a drag, man. I mean, bummer... dude.

My date had a girlfriend and took me anyways as a favor. And then, before we even got to take pictures he left me and I never saw him for the rest of the night. I danced with him for the last dance after I left him, or rather he left me, for four hours.

My other date had already cancelled as well.

Life is funny.

This doesn't make me look good. But I am still awesome.

Some girl is talking to me about how she has a blog, too.

Noone cares.

Go away, boring girl.

She is going to read it, but remember, Josh wrote it.

BOOM! Wroted.

That's all for today, folks.

You stay clasy, San Diego.

Classy has two S's.