Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 short month

One month from today, Josh and I will be getting married, which is pretty much amazing. Mainly because we'll finally be married! But a close second is because wedding planning will be over. Here are some things I've learned about planning a wedding.
  • If you register for something stupid, someone will buy it
  • If you register for basic, like silverware, NO ONE will buy it
  • You will forgot who you've sent invitations to and who you have not.
    Which will in turn make your mother mad.
  • You will start to leave notes, addresses, and lists all over any scrap of paper you can find. You will still forget things. See above.
  • If your seamstress says it will take about 3 fittings to finish your wedding dress. She really means 7, and she'll still sew your beading on crooked.
I'll be doing my preceptorship next year on the medical floor at UVRMC. Since ER was taken and UVU won't even offer labor and delivery as a preceptorship (poo), I think the medical floor was a great option. It also means I only have 1 more semester of nursing school! and of course, 1 month until wedded bliss!

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